NZ Palms, Cycads and Subtropical Plants

Ordering palms, cycads and subtropical plants.

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We can take orders by email or telephone.  By all means do get in touch if you have a question.


Below are some frequently asked questions:


What species do we sell?

Our main range is listed on the website.  We are constantly working to increase this range so we shall be adding more species over the coming months and years.  Please check our blog and New Arrivals page regularly.


What are the prices?

Please email us for our latest price list.


How does the pricing work?

Our prices are based on heights from the top of the pot/bag to either the top leaves or the height of the trunk depending upon the species.  We make this clear on the price list.


What other species do we have available?

We have many rare and unusual palms and cycads which we occasionally make available.  Please email us if you’re interested in something particular.


What sizes are the plants?

We stock a range of sizes from young plants around six years old to aged palms over 15 years old.


Can I come and see the plants?

Yes, of course.  We’re not open to the public but if you’re serious about purchasing we’re happy to oblige.


How do I pay?

Either cash or by bank transfer.


Where do we deliver to?

We regularly deliver to the upper North Island and can arrange delivery further afield.


How long will delivery take?

Northland and Auckland can usually be arranged within one week.  Further afield we may require a little longer.


What is the cost of delivery?

This is dependent upon the weight, volume and destination.  Naturally there are economies of scale if you order larger quantities (e.g. a pallet).

We can provide a full quote once the order is agreed.  As a guide, a pallets-worth of palms (2-3 large palms and several smaller palms) can be sent to Auckland for around $130.