NZ Palms, Cycads and Subtropical Plants

The Best Palms, Cycads and Subtropical Plants in New Zealand

We’re not the only palm grower in New Zealand, so why order from us?


In three words: Quality, Trust and Variety.


Our palms are top quality having been raised from seeds into solid plants. Most began life in a greenhouse but will have been hardened off outside for many years. That means they’re tough, sun-hardened and not stretched. If you’ve ever seen the weedy Queen palms that get planted and killed in their thousands you’ll understand why we’re better.


Additionally, all our palms are grown in bags. That means they’re not dug (ripped) out of the ground, wrapped and dispatched to your place to sulk. Instead they’re just itching to get their feet in the ground and take off. It takes much longer to grow palms in bags but the effort's worth it.


We’ve been doing this – first as a hobby and then a business – for 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of palm growers come and go. Meanwhile we just kept out heads down and carried on. Palms grow slowly; we’re in this for the long haul and would rather work with you to supply what’s right for you than make a quick sale.


It’s depressing just how many cultivated palm trees are all the same. Someone grew a few thousand, everyone copied them and next thing you know everyone has the same plant in their garden. Worse still, not all of them are even suited to our climate. We’ve gone out and looked for something different. It’s our intention that over time we’ll become New Zealand’s best supplier of interesting and beautiful palms.


Keep an eye on our website; over the coming months and years we'll be adding to our range of interesting palms and other plants.

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